May 24, 2016

Waco, TX, Magnolia Market and the Baylor Bears

On our first trip to Waco, TX (post is here) we had so much fun we wanted to bring the girls back to see Kameron play ball again.  We decided on the weekend of May 13th - 15th.  Unbeknownst to us Baylor was having their graduation that weekend and we couldn't get a hotel room so we decided we wouldn't go.  That is until one day the hubs suggested he take a couple of days off and we go during the week to see the Baylor Bears play the McNeese Cowboys.  The hubs and my sister-in-law both graduated from McNeese but there was no doubt who they were cheering for.  :)  #baylorbears

Lucky for us the girls are homeschooled so they were able to go.  We really wanted to bring Mr. W but we decided we'd wait until next year when he is 4 years old.  He would have had so much fun but we didn't want to deal with the potty training.  (He had stayed the night the weekend before we left and told me he had to potty real fast.  So we ran to the bathroom, sat on the potty, and he passed gas.  :)  I could just see us having to quickly stop on the road for him to go to the year.  :)  Poor baby...he was mad because he couldn't stay the night at Maw Maw's house and he wasn't going to Waco.

The girls stayed overnight and we left on Tuesday morning.  The first place we stopped was the Magnolia Market.  I wanted to make sure I got the flowers I didn't get the first time.  They had restocked everything so there was a lot to choose from.  I didn't get any photos of the upper side of the store because there was quite a few people in there so I took a few of the sale area.  This, my friend, is where you should pay for your items.  There is never a line like there is up front.

The sales clerks were so nice.  I asked them where The Harp was and they handed me this map.   We didn't go until the next day.

Here are a few pics of the flowers I bought.

 I love these Magnolias.

Ater I finished shopping we went outside to check things out. 

I love the way they put plants alongside the Silos.  It really softens the look besides adding more color.

They had just raised this barn a week or so before we went.

We park in the parking lot behind the Common Grounds food truck.  There is no charge to park.  We were shocked to see there was someone charging $10 for people to park.  We were glad we knew where to go.

I love the variety of plants and flowers.

Ms. A and I wandered over to the Garden while Sweet P had her Paw Paw push her on the swings.

It's all about the details and this little "fairy" home fits perfectly here.

Here's another one....can you see the bicycles and the slide?  So cute!

I fell in love with this old metal container filled with plants and flowers.  If I were to guess I'd say maybe it was a feeder at one time.  Do you know what it is?

I didn't get a full front pic of this building.  It will be a seed store...hasn't opened yet.  I'm sure it will be by the time we go back.

Here's a pic of a couple of the food trucks.

This sweet girl is so full of energy.  She NEVER stops....literally.  It is so good that she is in gymnastics.

She lives life to the fullest.

I laughed the whole trip because every time the hubs moved or turned around Sweet P was right there next to him.  She loves her Paw Paw.  I told him he'd better eat it up because one day she isn't going to have time for him.  He laughed.  So did she.  :)

After she was finished she started doing cartwheels.  Ms. A was shaking her head and laughing at her.  Joann and Chip really knew what they were doing when they put this all together. 

From there we went to our hotel to unpack.  And yes, she rode the cart all the way to our room on the 4th floor.  :)

Guess what was on the front page of the Waco Tribune-Herald?  Magnolia buys historic Elite Cafe and Gaines to throw 1st pitch at BU game on Friday.  That's right...the Friday we originally wanted to be there.  :(

We had lunch at the Health Camp.  Brooke and Brad had eaten there the trip before and said the food was really good so we shared burgers, fries, onion rings, a hot dog and shakes.  The food was delicious!  

Here's the story:

Way back in 1948, just three years after World War II, a young Jack Schaevitz built a mobile canteen to serve ice cream and burgers to military personnel at the Connally Air Force Basein Waco, Texas.

Jack's cart was such a hit, that a year later in 1949, he opened the Health Camp located on the Waco Traffic Circle.

The late Mr. Schaevitz was a pioneer in the early fast food industry, and his restaurant continues today offering the finest frozen custard, ice cream and burgers.

We had some time to kill before the game started so we went to see the Waco Suspension Bridge and the Riverwalk Area.


The "Branding of the Brazos" sculptures made their debut next to the bridge in 2008.  The towering Chisholm Trail sculptures, crafted by Robert Summers, include an oversized, bronze trail boss driving longhorns on their way to crossing the Brazos River.

Can you see how tightly Sweet P is hugging Ms. A?  She loves as hard as she plays.


The Waco Riverwalk is approximately seven miles of lighted trail that loops along both banks of the Brazos River.  It stretches from Baylor University to Cameron Park and passes underneath the Suspension Bridge.  The riverwalk is accessible from various points throughout downtown Waco and captures the natural beauty of the Brazos River Corridor.

The Brazos River was high so the riverwalk was flooded.

The historic Suspension Bridge was completed in 1870 and remains a legendary icon of downtown Waco.  For years, the bridge served as a Chisholm Trail crossing, and at the time of completion, it was the longest single-span suspension bridge west of the Mississippi.  The bridge was built with cable supplied by the John Roebling Co., who built the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

The bridge is flanked by two great Waco parks -- Indian Spring Park on the west side, and Martin Luther King, Jr. park on the east side.  The bridge is the centerpiece of many community festivals and events, and serves as a great venue for parties and special events.

The weather was really nice even though it was quite windy.

Hold on now....there are quite a few pics of the bridge.  And just think, I deleted at least six others.  :)

You can see McLane Stadium from the bridge.

And who can resist getting inside of these circles to have their picture taken?


Can you guess what she is asking me for?  We always bring candy for each of them into the park.  She is trying to talk me into giving it to her.  In case you are wondering, it didn't work.  :)  I told her she had to wait until the game was underway.

Baylor Bears vs. McNeese Cowboys

Here's a pic of Sweet P eating her candy sitting next to my brother.  Her Uncle Karl.  The pretty girl sitting behind them is Kam's girlfriend, Emory.

This pic shows the weather that was moving in to the area.

The game was cancelled after a couple of innings (I believe the 3rd) because there was lighting and storms headed our way.

This is the only photo I got of Kam.

They called the game and we all took off for our cars and headed towards the hotel.  The wind was so strong and it was lightning like crazy.  We made a quick stop at Walgreens for water and snacks for the room.  The hubs stayed inside the store and the girls and I headed out to the truck with the shopping cart.  I told the girls to hurry and get in the truck.  I have never seen those two move so fast.  We were laughing so hard at how fast they moved.  I guess you had to be was really funny.  We arrived safely at our hotel and watched a few shows and played on iPads.

I will pick up from here on Wednesday's post.

Hope you have a great day today.

Take care,



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