Jun 22, 2016

A Sweet Boy and His Grandpa

A week ago this past weekend Mr. W and Ms. A were staying with us while Sweet P and her parents went to her gymnastics awards night.  His mom came to pick them up and was saying how she needed to go pick up dog food near our home.  I suggested that she go by herself as she could get in and out so much faster by herself.  So she did.  Mr. W never cries when he is left but he did this day.  So his Paw Paw tried to distract him.  I'm so happy I had my camera near by to capture what they were doing.

Mr. W had a little flashlight and they were shining it up under a lizard on one of the plant leaves.

I captured this shot after they were finished watching the lizard.

I love the way there is just enough light to capture their outlines.


Mr. W must have gotten bored by this time and decided to checkout the flashlight shining on the carpet.

The distraction worked and he was no longer upset.  Great job Paw Paw.

Hope you are having a great week...



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