Jun 3, 2016

I Love My New Faux Flowers from Magnolia Market

I love, love, love my new faux flowers from Magnolia Market.  #lovemagnloiamarket  Don't the tulips look real to you?  I love having fresh flowers but I have to say I love these even more.  I don't have to change them out or clean up a mess.  That is a win win in my book.

There are tulips with three stems and some with a single stem.

I knew just the vase I was going to use for the tulips.  I have had this crystal vase for about 15 years.  It is on the small side but very heavy.

I placed the large magnolias in the large bottle on the shelf.  I am still debating on whether or not I should add a third one, add filler or leave it as is.  What do you think?

Doesn't my "it's so good to be home" sign look really good on the top shelf of the entertainment center.  It lightens up what was once such a dark area.  And can you believe the hubs admitted it was a good buy?  He really needs to learn to follow my lead rather than fight me.  :)

I have to admit I also like the sign he chose.  It looks really good near the doorway to the hall.

I've got to go up in the attic and get my glass container for the white bulbs.  Hmmm...maybe I'll do that today.

Hope you are having a great week with lots of sunshine.  We are forecasted to have lots more rain for the next couple of days.  I hope they are wrong.  Especially for those that have been flooded this past week.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families.

Take care,



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