Jun 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

Can you guess which towel is mine?
We had a really busy and fun weekend.  We kept Mr. W on Friday night so he wouldn't have to get up early on Saturday morning to go pick up Sweet P at Bela Karolyi's Camp in Huntsville.  I was supposed to ride with them to pick her up until I found out it was recommended we get there at 8 a.m. even though the doors weren't going to open until 11 a.m.  I didn't want to wait outside in the sweltering heat so I offered to keep Mr. W.  I don't know about you but I sweat profusely and it's not pretty.  One thing I am not a fan of is doing my makeup and hair just to go outside and melt.  Trust me, it's not pretty!

When they arrived at Karolyi's Camp, Tiffani and Justin were floored to see Bela Karolyi driving the mule around with the girls luggage.

This sweet girl loves gymnastics and had a great time at camp.  Especially getting to meet Bela himself.  There is talk of maybe having another camp next year so she is already asking to go.  :)

Brooke had taken Mr. W for a playdate with one of her friend's daughter, Olivia.  Olivia is two and Mr. W is three.  This was the first time they met.  Aren't they adorable?

I mean what kid doesn't love bubbles?  #lovebubbles

When they were finished, Brooke brought him over for the night.  Mr. W and I swam in the pool.

He had his favorite popsicle.  #lovemickeymousepopsicles  #lovehawaiianpunch

He makes sure he doesn't miss a drip.  He still hasn't mastered drinking the juice in the bottom.  Can you see it on his nose?  He always gets it on his nose.

I can't say this enough...if you want to be a rock star parent or grandparent get the Mickey Mouse popsicle holders.  You won't regret it.

We went inside and Brooke made him some popcorn while I ate dinner.  (Brooke is an awesome aunt.)  He wanted to watch the movie Lion King.  #lovelionking

I kept asking him if he was ready to go to bed and he said no.  Finally, he looked over at me, smiled, and said "I need to go to bed".  Just like that!  I tucked him in bed and told him I was going to wash my face and I'd be right back.  He was passed out in less than five minutes and face planted in the pillow. He was so tired.

On Saturday, he was following me around in the kitchen.  He looked up at me and said "maw maw, you are my best friend".  Yes, I totally melted and told him he was my best friend.  The hubs heard him from his office and smiled.

We all went out to eat on Saturday evening to celebrate Father's Day and so Sweet P could recap her experience at being away at camp for the first time.  She had so much to say and show us.

On Sunday the hubs and I had a much needed quiet day at home.   We grilled and hung around the pool.  It was awesome.  

Keeping it real...can you believe all the weeds?  Ha ha!  If you remember I was pulling them and came down with poison ivy.  I never made it to the left side of the fire pit.  They are all gone now.

Okay, have you guessed which towel is mine? If you guess Mickey Mouse you are right!!!  #lovemickeymouse

Hope you are having a good week....



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