Aug 10, 2016

A Tour of a Friend's Beautiful Home

Thanks to Facebook I was able to "hook up" with some friends of mine, Fran and Annette, I had not seen for several years.  Fran invited Annette and I over for some summer fun.  I was so happy to stop peeling wall paper to relax by the pool.

Being the blogger that I am, I seized the opportunity to capture Fran's home so I could share it with all of you.  I knew she had a beautiful home as I had been there several years ago.


Fran has a beautiful metal water fountain on the brick wall of her front porch.  She purchased it at a kiosk at the Renaissance Festival.  I love the sound of moving water.


I snapped a pic of the front door as Annette was walking in.

Fran and I have similar taste in home decor.  :)

 I love the way her rug coordinates with the dining room chairs.

I love the moulding.  It makes such a statement.


This view is from the kitchen looking into the dining room.

I love the cut outs and the open ledge.

Everything was so pretty and sparkly.

A look back into the kitchen.

I am a huge fan of the metal decor.

Fran is from Canada and her first name is Francoise.  She found this poster and loved the idea of having her name on it.  So she had the poster cut down with "Fleurs" and her name still intact.  How cool is that?

We are now in Fran's family room.  Isn't this buffet lovely?

The purple chairs coordinate so well with the plaid sofa and the beautiful rug.

I love the iron mirror above the fire place.

I fell in love with the beautiful ice bucket.  She said it was a reward gift for her husband and it came from Tiffany's.  :)

This corner table is even prettier in person.

The bedding is rich in color and texture.

In this bedroom you will find the equestrian look which is so popular.

Don't you just love this horse?

This room was another bedroom that was made into a sitting room for the master bedroom.

You access the master bedroom through glass paned French doors.  I love the combination of wood and metal on her bed.

Everything is so pretty.

I thought about confiscating these beautiful candle sticks...but I didn't.

I had never seen drapes like these before.  There are ribbons of beads that lay on top of the sheers.  I thought she had strung the beads by hand but she said she bought them like that from JCPenney.  Very unusual.

We are now in the master bathroom.  She recently had her shower enlarged.  I love the glass doors.

I like the whimsical decor on the patio.  Makes you feel like you are in Cancun.  I don't know about you, but I am always ready to go to Cancun.


Fran painted this cupboard to house some of the electronics.  I love the way it turned out.  It is so rustic and matches perfectly with the iguana (eek!).

Now for the main attraction...the beautiful pool.

The bar is really nice.  It has a built in grill and a fridge.

The water cascades over the stone on the back wall.  It is very pretty and sounds so relaxing.

Amber and Bella love running around the pool.  They circle around on the back wall and through the pool.  They love to chase the polaris.

They lap up water from the water feature (large stone).

And when they are over heated they lay in the pool.  What a life!

Fran has a HUGE backyard.  I mean HUGE.  It is landscaped very pretty with lots of color.  She does a great job keeping everything going in spite of our crazy hot weather.

Can you see the hammock behind the trees?

I really like the trees with the purple flowers.  They are called Vitex.  It is heat, drought and pest tolerant.  I need some of these in my back yard!  :)

Fran served us grilled chicken fajitas, pasta salad, French bread, and freshly made from scratch blueberry muffins.  Everything was delicious!  After lunch, we made Sangria with sliced fresh fruit.  It was so good.  We had a wonderful time.


I hope you enjoyed seeing Fran's beautiful home.

Hope you have a wonderful day!




  1. What a gorgeous home she has! I wish mine was as well kept as that! The pool looks awesome, great that the dogs seem to have claimed it as their own #BestandWorst

    1. Thank you Kim. I'll be sure and let her know. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Oh wow, this is like something from a magazine! I love the corner table, and the patio decor, and the garden-especially the bar! She must be forever tidying and cleaning though-it's immaculate. #BestandWorst

    1. Hello Min! I will let Fran know what kind words you had to say about her home. She will be thrilled! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. This is amazing. I fell in love with the kitchen big time!! So many little quirks and style. Wish it was warm enough over here for a pool!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

    1. Hello Sarah and thank you for stopping by. I love the kitchen, too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!