Aug 8, 2016

Game Room Makeover Update

Hello and happy Monday to you!!!

I want to share with you what the game room looked like before I started making a mess.   As you can see the wall paper is quite dated.  The painting above the border was done by yours truly.  I was experimenting with faux painting and this was one of my first attempts.  :)   In case you are wondering, I did get better at it!

In these photos you can see I have removed the top layer of the wall paper.  It came off really easy.

I had gotten a bid to have the mirror removed, the sheetrock repaired, and the two pieces of crown replaced.  $1,400.00  Yes ma'am!  That figure was mostly for the removal of the mirrors.  I have always been concerned about removing the mirrors, not wanting anyone to get hurt, so I decided to contact McCauley's Glass.  They installed the mirrors 20+ years ago.  So I snapped a pic with my iPhone and stopped by for a quote.  He quoted me $180 to remove the mirrors and cart them off.  I almost busted out into my happy dance right there in his showroom.  Oh yeah!!!  I didn't hesitate to schedule him to come out on his first availability.   As you can see they have come and gone.  Woo hoo!!!

I've got half of the wall paper removed from the room.  Fortunately we had the walls painted prior to the wall paper so it is coming off rather easy.  Except for the corner section.  We had shelves built in at one time.  We removed them and applied that section of wall paper directly to the sheetrock.  :(  Never a good idea as it is so hard to remove when it is directly on the sheetrock.  I am saving that section for last.


The hubs is contacting our contractor to repair the sheetrock, add a plug behind the TV and put the cable for the TV inside the walls.  Oh and also hang my beautiful light.  :)  We are going to be doing a couple of other things I'll share with you later.

Hope you have a great day!!!

Take care,




  1. That WAS a smokin deal on the mirror removal! Congrats! Glad that most of the wallpaper is coming off relatively easily for you guys.

    1. Hey Kailani, it's great to hear from you again. I'm almost finished with the wallpaper. I think I can get the rest done tomorrow. Fingers crossed! Hope you have a great week!