Aug 18, 2016

Our New Bathtub

Our tub in the master bathroom was looking really bad.  It is made of cultured marble and after 26 years it had lost its beauty.  It didn't matter how well I cleaned it, it still looked dirty.  We have always wanted to have it refinished.  We'd talk about it, then forget about it.    You know how that goes.

So last Wednesday the topic of the tub came up yet again.  I stopped what I was doing and found a company to do the job.  I am not one to procrastinate so while the thought was fresh in my mind I acted on it.  They happened to have a cancellation so they were able to come out the next day.  The hubs could not believe I made it happen so quickly.

Here are a couple of before shots.....


and here is the after!

We love our new tub!


Do you have a tub or shower surround that needs to be refinished?  If so, consider calling for an estimate to have your old tub refinished.  You will be glad you did.

Have a great day!




  1. REALLY nice! And good on you for hop to'ing it, once you decided!

    1. Hello Kailani, thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your sweet words. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Hi Debbie ,, i love you blog ,, you have a new follower

    1. Welcome! I am so happy to have you. Hope you have a great day!