Sep 28, 2016

Sneak Peak of Game Room / Office Remodel

We are in the final stage of adding the finishing touches.  We only have a few more things to add and we will be finished.  As most remodels go, this one has taken way longer than I had hoped.  We were set back a couple of weeks due to the contractor being so busy.  Once everything started it was all done in 7-8 days, not including me removing the wall paper.


There is always that moment when remodeling a room you ask yourself (at least I do), what the hell was I thinking?  Why did I want to do this?  Thank goodness that feeling goes away just as soon as I see progress is being made.

We are "over the moon" with the room.  It looks even better than my original vision and that's always a good thing!

We made a visit to Arcadia Floral & Home Decor and came across these beautiful sconces.  They are HUGE!!!  I immediately fell in love with them until I saw the price.  They are $499 for a pair.  $499 a pair.  And no, I did not get them.

So I did what anyone in my predicament does....I went home and searched for sconces.  I found a set very similar at Z Gallerie.

This is the Anelli wall sconce and it costs $69.95 each.  So the hubs stopped by the store near his office to pick up a pair.  Much to his dismay, and mine, he was told he would have to order them as they do not carry stock in the store.  WHAT?!!!  We have never heard of this before.  Have you?  So he ordered them on September 13th and we still do not have them!  We have tracked our order so many times and it still shows "shipping status:  processing".  WTH!!!  We have been waiting 14 days for these little jewels.  We were told we would have them the end of September or the beginning of October.  At this rate it will be Christmas before they come in.  I find this to be unacceptable in this day and time when you can place an order today and have it delivered two days later.  (yes, I am frustrated!)  I am currently on hold for Z Gallerie as I type up this post.  I have been on hold for almost an hour.  Yes, we did see the review that said it took over six weeks to get them in.   :(  Well the friendly customer service man just informed me it could take as long as October 15th.  Seriously?


I just informed the hubs the status of our order.  He offered to put the copy of the order away so I don't have to look at it.  :)  He is afraid I will find something else to go there.  hmmm.....

My question to you is have you ever placed an order that took a ridiculous amount of time to receive?   Did you stay the course or did you find an alternate item?

We are supposed to have a cooler day today.  It will be mostly sunny with highs in the mid 80's and lows in the mid to upper 60's.  Woo hoo!!!  Maybe this will help me want to get in the attic and get out my fall decor.  :)  I only decorate the outside as I will be decorating for Christmas in 2 1/2 weeks!!!


Hope you have a wonderful day,




  1. Can't wait to see the final reveal! And that sconce is SOOOOO YOU!!! Maybe a trip to At Home is in order? ;-)

    1. Ha ha! Sounds like a plan. Do you want to go together?