Sep 20, 2016

Swimming With Friends

All summer long, when Sweet P was over and swimming, she'd ask me to call Miss J to come over and swim with her.  I would tell her we had to plan ahead so Miss J and her mom could join us for some fun.  So I surprised her and called Nellie and we made arrangements for them to get together on Labor Day weekend.  Needless to say, they were so excited when they found out they were getting together.

The latest thing Sweet P loves to do is balance on top of the float.  I must say she has gotten really good at it.

How cute are they?  It is so hard to believe they are seven years old.

Miss J is into competitive cheer and was showing Sweet P how to do stunts.  Here is Sweet P on Nelly's shoulders.

I picked up Little Caesar's pizza and cheese bread for lunch.


Can you guess what they had for dessert?  If you said a Mickey Mouse Popsicle, you are right!!!


Here they are dancing for us.

It was so nice to get together and visit.  We all had a great time.

Hope you have a great day!!!



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