Oct 4, 2016

Seasonal Job

And I got one!!!  That's right!  I got a seasonal job and I am so excited!!!


As you may know, I have been looking for a job for quite some time now.  I have been blessed to have many good interviews with some very strong possibilities.  However, having good interviews is not enough.  You have to have tons of patience!!!  Having said that....I kept telling the hubs that if I didn't find a job soon I was going to find a seasonal job (similar to "if I don't go to work soon I am going to start stripping off the wall paper in the game room").  Of course, he didn't take me seriously.  He was very surprised when I told him I had an interview with Kohl's.  He was REALLY surprised when I came home and told him they loved me and I had the job.  :)  One should never doubt a determined woman.  :)  Especially me.

The lady I interviewed with told me she would love to put me in the jewelry department.  Uh oh!!!  Could be trouble!  I'm not sure where I will end up, should be interesting.  Maybe it will be the holiday department.  If so, I'll be putting all of my favorites in the back waiting for them to go on sale!

So today is my orientation.  I am so excited to have a reason to dress up!!!  I miss the interaction of people every day.  I hope Kohl's is ready for me.  I imagine I will have to resist wanting to add my own twist to the displays.  Who knows, maybe they will welcome new ideas or not!!!

Wish me luck!!!




  1. Good for you, would you believe I just got my first KHOLS card. You will do great. Love you MIL

    1. Thank you! I had orientation today and it went really well. We each had 20 minutes to walk the floor of the store. I chose the Christmas decor area. Imagine that! Someone had put out beach themed ornaments on a tree. They literally lined up each ornament of a specific kind all on one branch. I used my time to decorate the tree the way it should have been originally. I was quite pleased with the way it looked as I made my way to leave the store. :)