Dec 12, 2016

Holiday Home Tour - Villages

Welcome!!!  How are you doing today?  Can I get you something to drink?  We have sweet tea, cold beer, pina coladas, and some whiskey the hubs got this past weekend from his Christmas party.  :)  With the weather being so warm, we might want to have a pina colada.  :)  Let me get one for you.

The first village is from Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation.  The hubs was the force behind getting this village.  It has been a Christmas tradition for us to watch this movie for so many years.  It is so funny.  But be careful, it is not a movie for kids.  You have been warned!!!


If you've seen the movie you'll recognize this guy right away.  His name is Eddie.  He is Clarks' brother-in-law.

I use spotlights to brighten up the village when all of the lights are off.  Otherwise, all that shows up are the lights from inside of the buildings and you can't see all of the details.  By now, I am sure you know I'm all about the details.  :)


I gave the hubs the new piece of Eddie and his boss in chains with the big red bow.

I also gave him this piece of them drinking out of mug glasses.  The hubs wanted to get some moose mugs but I talked him out of them.  I know, I'm so bad.  They were so big and I'm quite sure we would not use them.

 If you look really close, you can see the tree sticking out of the left side of their neighbor's house.  That was Clarks' tree that went through their bedroom window.  It was really funny!

Again, if you haven't seen the movie take the time and watch it.  I think you will find it rather funny.

Here we have our holiday village displayed across our counter/bar.

Welcome to Main Street!!!

No village is complete without a hot cocoa shop!


The guy with his tongue stuck to the flag pole reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story.


Welcome to St. Nicholas Square!

No village would be complete without a Home Depot.


I love this scene of carolers singing outside of the church with lots of snow all around.

I hope you enjoyed your walk through the villages.  Tomorrow I will share my office with you.

Have a wonderful evening!!!

Take care,



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