Dec 22, 2016

Our Holiday Home Tour - Front Yard

Welcome to our final holiday tour.  Today we are in our front yard.  The yard looks so barren without any flowers.  This is the first Christmas we have not planted pansies.  :(  The weather just didn't cooperate.  It was either rainy, really cold or we had plans.  I'm hoping we get to it after the holidays.

We have had these deer forever.  Really, probably 20+ years.

I love hanging these large ornaments from the trees.  It gives a 3-D look and invites you in to the yard.

I've had these signs for a few years.  They are beginning to show some wear.

We hang hedge lights in the ficus trees.  The hubs does a great job shaping the trees.

I added cherries to the topiaries for some added color.

Hanging the garland around the door frame is probably my least favorite thing to do.  It is so hard to handle with just one person.  This year I finally got smart and nailed nails in the top corners to drape the garland so I could staple it up.  It was way easier.  :)  I replaced the old ribbon with some new ribbon.  I think it looks so much better.

I put a flameless candle in the lantern.  It is on a timer so it comes on every evening around 6:30 p.m. I LOVE these candles.  I have them all over our home.  It warms my heart every time they come on.  See, you can't believe everything you hear.  I am very easy to please.

This little sign makes me smile.  We all know I don't have any elves helping me!

I've tried to hire some but so far no one has applied.

I bought this Santa sign years ago at a craft fair at the Lake Charles Civic Center.  The wreath has lights on it.  I reworked the ribbon to match the ribbon around the door.  To be honest, there wasn't much I didn't rework.  I couldn't help myself.  Seriously.

We bought this wreath 20+ years ago for almost nothing.  The pinecones are so brittle they break off if you touch them.  I'm not sure how much longer they are going to last.

I originally bought these tin decorations for the backyard but I decided I didn't want them exposed to the rain so they are here on the front porch.  They have a really pretty clear glitter all over them.

Did you notice how my Santa windsock hangs straight?  It drives the hubs crazy when they go crooked.

So he attaches a string and wraps it around a nail so it stays front and center.  :)  (photo is a bit fuzzy but you get the jest of it)

I bought these two reindeer at the Nutcracker Market a really long time ago.  Their noses used to light up but not anymore.

 Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop by.  This concludes our official holiday home tour.  I'm sure I'll be sharing some pics of the lights at night, my most favorite part.  I will be sad when it comes time to take it down and it won't be because of the labor.  I will miss the ambience and the glow all over our home.  I wonder how long the hubs will let me keep it up?  Ha ha!!!   :)

Hope you are getting things done and ready for the holidays...they will soon be here.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!



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