Dec 27, 2016

Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo

On December 14th we went to the Houston Zoo to see the Zoo Lights.  The Zoo lights have more than 2 million lights and 15 miles of LED lighting illuminating the beautiful oak trees and the pathways.


The weather was nice.  It was a little chilly with the wind blowing.  The temperature was in the mid to low 50's.  Nothing like the Christmas Train experience!

You can tell by this pic it was a bit overcast.

There were lights outside of the zoo.

Here is Sweet P patiently waiting to get inside.  As you can see, we were there early so we did not have much of a wait.  However, the line was rather long by the time they opened the gates.

These photos do not do the lights justice.  It is so hard to capture Christmas lights.  I'm hoping these photos give you an idea of what we experienced.

Holly Berry is a 1958 Cadillac with a lightship set to music.

By getting there early, you avoid all of the crowds.

The lights in these trees changed out to colored lights and to the beat of the music.  It was so pretty.

It wouldn't be Texas without a huge armadillo.

The LED lights were so pretty!

Here are a few photos showing the lights in the trees changing colors.

There were very few sightings of the animals.  Here we captured the tiger.

There are three longhorns in the next photo.  They are kind of hard to see.

Mr. W and Ms. A were playing the bongo drums.

I love these.

I wish this one had come out better.  It is supposed to be a tree with various animals and such around it.

We had a really good time.  I highly recommend going if you find yourself with some free time.  My advice is to get there early so you will have close parking and also so you can get in at the beginning of the line.  The Zoo lights are open through January 15th.

Hope you have a wonderful evening!




  1. Oh, I loved this! We live very close to Longwood Gardens in Pa. and so go all the time but at Christmas they have spectacular lights like this too. I loved seeing the lights in the shape of the lion and also the changing lights!!! Awesome! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog too. Happy New Year!!!!!

    1. Good evening Pinky! Thank you for stopping by. I didn't realize you live in PA. I am officially hooked on the show Stone House Revival on DIY. I love seeing all of the beautiful homes. I love seeing Christmas lights. Our home is glowing right now as I type this message to you. Happy New Year!