Jan 16, 2017

Meet the Editor, Diane Cowen

A good friend of mine, Fran, invited me to attend "Meet the Editor, Diane Cowen" of the Houston Chronicle.  Mrs. Cowen is the Home Design Writer for the Chronicle.  You can find many of her articles here.


Diane Cowen is also the author of the cookbook "Sunday Dinners".


So last Wednesday Fran picked me up in her car, (similar to this one), and off we were to see Mrs. Cowen.  Fran and Diane have been friends for a couple of years.

Mrs. Cowen spoke about trends in home design and how our changing times affect the way we live, as well as the homes we live in.  She shared stories of various homes she has had the pleasure to see and get to know the homeowners.  It was really interesting.

I didn't get the chance to meet Mrs. Cowen as there were quite a few people there seeking her attention.  However, I did get a chance to meet her husband Steve.  He was very funny and engaging.

Afterwards, Fran and I had dinner at Jax Grill.  We both had the pecan crusted catfish.  It was delicious.


I'd like to thank Fran, again, for a wonderful time!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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