Mar 16, 2017

Ready for Spring

I am so excited that Spring is almost here...officially that is.  :)   Monday, March 20th is the official day.  I know for those of you up north it can't come soon enough.  We have had a mild winter with only one freeze.  That one freeze managed to kill several of our plants in spite of us painstakingly covering them.  It's always a roll of the dice whether to cover or not.  Three years ago we didn't cover them and it cost us a pretty penny to whip the beds back in shape.  Talk about motivation to cover them this year.  :)

Can you believe I took these photos with my iPhone and no editing was done?


The flowers in our pots are looking mighty pretty.  I have faithfully watered them with liquid Miracle Grow and they have responded quite well.  I've had these particular flowers for three years and they are blooming so beautifully.

 I wish I could say the same for the rest of the yard (both the front and the back).  We have hedges that have died due to some stupid disease in the backyard and some small plants that need to be replaced in the front.

Oh and don't get me started on the weeds.  They are without a doubt, the healthiest plants in the bed.  The least they could do is bloom flowers.  :)

How are things looking over your way?

Take care,



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-- Kurt Cobain

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