Mar 29, 2017

Surface Scratches on Your Car

Have you ever gotten home from the grocery store or shopping in general, parked your car and saw a scuff or surface scratch?  It could be from someone opening their car door into yours or a scuff from something.  I have...on several occasions.  I've had my car for five years now and it still looks new.  All because of this product.

I can still remember the first time I came home and noticed what I thought to be was a scratch.  I  was upset and I immediately told the hubs.  His response was I have just the thing to take it off.  He grabbed the bottle of Nu Finish Scratch Doctor (I didn't even know we had it) and applied a small amount to the scratch on my car.  After a few minutes, he buffed it out with a soft cloth.  Voila!  It was gone  I was so happy!

My reason for sharing this with you is I had my car washed last week and noticed some new scratches I had not seen before.  I grabbed the Scratch Doctor off of the shelves in the garage and started applying it to my car.  In minutes I no longer had any markings on my car.  My car now looks new again.  Easy peasy.  :)


So if you have any scratches you need to get rid of...grab a bottle and get to work!

I hope you have an amazing Wednesday.

Take care,



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