Apr 25, 2017

Hawaiian Shaved Snow Cones Poolside

We have a new addition to our summer fun.  It is the Great Northern Hawaiian Shaved Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  We are going to have so much fun making snow cones!!!

Tiffani and Justin were cleaning out their garage and asked us if we wanted it.  Of course I said yes while the hubs grumbled something!!!  It was left over from their days of owning the Smoothie Factory.  They thought it would be a fun treat to have on hot summer days.  :)


Supposedly this puppy can plow through over 350 lbs. of ice in an hour.  Don't think we'll be needing that many snow cones!!!

The "Ice Cub" slowly shaves the ice off of the block and makes some of the softest/fluffiest ice around.

We are thinking of ways to protect/decorate the table top.  Lots of ideas but nothing final.

It should be interesting to see if this moves the Mickey Mouse pops into second place?  :)


Do you like snow cones?  If so, what is your favorite flavor?  I usually choose bubble gum or pina colada.  :)

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!

Take care,



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