Apr 19, 2017

Our Easter Weekend

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I'm sure your weekend was as busy as ours!

It is a tradition for the grandkids and I to dye Easter eggs on Good Friday.  However, this year they had Equestrian training and gymnastics so we moved it to Saturday morning.

Here I have everything set up and ready to go.  In the past, we have tried other ways to dye eggs but we always go back to the tried and true way using PAAS egg dye.  It's really easy and the kids enjoy it.  I use the same set up every year.  These glasses are of good weight so I don't have to worry about them knocking over the glasses.  The red kitchen towel absorbs any spillage as they dye their eggs.

They are very serious when it comes to dying their eggs.  There are six colors so they each choose their favorite two colors.

You can tell Ms. A is older.  She sets her eggs in the dye and waits while the other two are constantly turning their eggs over to see if they are ready.  :)

How do you like the fake smiles from Sweet P and Mr.  W.  I'm sure you noticed their eyes NEVER left sight of the eggs.

Sweet P had pink and purple.

Mr. W had orange and green (maybe turquoise).

Ms. A had blue and yellow.

Mr. W chose to put stickers on some of his eggs.  You can't tell from this pic, but there is an LSU egg (purple and yellow), a Baylor egg (yellow and green) and a green and blue egg.  We did have a contest for the prettiest egg but I don't recall who won.  I wasn't part of the judging contest.  :)

After the eggs were all dyed, Ms. A and Mr. W went swimming while Sweet P laid in bed watching Lego Friends.  She had an infection so she wasn't able to swim.

These two swam for about an hour...until the Baylor baseball game started.

Mr. W joined his sidekick while the rest of us watched the game.

We had ham, grilled sweet potatoes and regular potatoes, green beans, corn, rice dressing and Hawaiian rolls.  Tiffani was in charge of desserts.  She brought over cupcakes, cookies, cotton candy and Easter candy.

After we ate, we hid eggs for the kiddos to find.  I snapped this pic of Sweet P and Mr. W coming out of the garage to find eggs.  She is so serious and he is so excited!

I have colored plastic eggs for all three kids.  They each have 18 eggs.  Mr. W's are orange and blue, Sweet P's are purple and pink, and Ms. A's are yellow and green.   I find this makes hunting for the eggs so much more pleasant.  They aren't fighting over the eggs because they are looking for their specific color.  The hunt goes off without a hitch.

Looks like Mr. W found his sister's egg and gave it to her.  Definitely not the typical behavior you see at an egg hunt.

Nonnie was in charge of the prizes.  She did an awesome job!!!  I didn't get any pics of the prizes but they were really good.

Afterwards, we went inside and played games.  The first one we played was Family Feud, the Disney edition.  The hubs typically is not a fan of games.  He will play them but they are not his favorite.

HOWEVER,  he is a huge fan of Family Feud.  HUGE!!!  It was so funny when we were going over the directions he started chiming in on how it is played.  It was so funny! Brooke and I were laughing because this was definitely his game.  He pretty much took over for the rest of the time we played.  It's funny how when you watch the game on TV you can answer most of the questions...no pressure.  However, when you are playing for points it becomes a different story.  Surprisingly the guys were really good.

After Family Feud Mr. W wanted to play Disney Scene It.  He has gotten to be pretty good at playing the game.  There is a section that gives you sound clips.  We used to always have to "shush" him so we could hear.  Now he shushes us!  It is so funny!

Can you believe we almost forgot to pock eggs ?  As you can see, it was pretty late when they remembered.  :)  

t's a Cajun tradition to pock eggs using our freshly colored eggs.  Pocking eggs requires two people with each an egg (boiled of course).  One of the participants taps on the other's egg.  Small end to small end or big end to big end.  Which ever egg breaks first in the tapping process looses the battle.  Some people say there is a science to the madness but it really comes down to who has the stronger egg.  The person that wins the pocking competition will continue pocking until their winning egg breaks.

Like most forms of competition, pocking Easter eggs sometimes brings out the cheaters in family members.  It is understood that you use chicken eggs but there were times when I was little that my cousins tried using duck eggs or even fake eggs to try and win the pocking competition.

When we were little we used to hide the eggs after we were finished pocking.  It wasn't unusual to miss an egg or two and find it smelling a couple of days later.  Now we hide plastic eggs for our Easter egg hunts.

Growing up in South Louisiana, I was under the impression that everyone pocks eggs on Easter Sunday.  It has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, but in recent years I have learned that the art of pocking eggs is a regional tradition.  The hubs was born and raised in the same area I was but when we met he had never heard of pocking eggs.  Probably because he isn't Cajun!!!

I was also told, as a child, that the cracking of the eggs symbolized Jesus rising from the dead.

Here they are all centered around their mom who was all comfy on the sofa.  No way she was going to fall asleep!  There were eggs to be pocked!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Take care,



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