Apr 26, 2017

Picking Strawberries in the Strawberry Patch

On Tuesday we had a wonderful time picking strawberries in the Strawberry Patch at Froberg's Farm in Alvin, TX.  Sweet P wasn't there as she had gym.  :(  Don't worry.  She has already told me I have to go back next week...just the two of us!  :)


First thing we did was get a pic of Mr. W.  Ms. A is at the stage where it is no longer cool to have your pic taken with signs.  :)


It was very cloudy.  At times it was gloomy and other times the sun was shining bright.  Thank goodness for the cool breezes.

This was my first time to pick strawberries whereas the kids had already done it several times before me.  So their mom sent their buckets with them so I didn't have to buy new buckets for all of us...just me.

So we start walking down the rows and I said let's pick strawberries.  Mr. W tells me he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.  :)  What?!!!  So I start picking strawberries, quickly realizing I didn't need the extra bucket.  :)

So I'd pick them and he'd check for spots and place them in the bucket.

And then...I told him I was tired of picking strawberries and he needed to help me.  Well, he really wanted to fill his bucket to the top so he started picking strawberries.

He became quite good at it.  He'd check for spots to make sure it was a good one.

Here he is showing me a Christmas tree.  He sure knows the way to his Maw Maw's heart.  Sweet, sweet boy.

I loved this oak tree.  OMG!  It was gorgeous!

He is so cute.  You can see his hair was getting a little damp from sweating.  The cool breezes saved us and allowed us to stay awhile.

Sometimes he really wanted to pick the strawberries that weren't quite ripe.

The next few pics tell a story.  He is trying to pull a berry off the stem and it won't come off.

Here he is pulling with all his might.

He realized he needed to use two hands.

He was so proud of his bright red strawberry.

The next three pics are my favorite ones of the day.  When you take 100 pics at least a few come out good.  :)


Mr. W's bucket is full.

Now he is helping is sister fill her bucket up.

I imagine he was giving her tips on finding the good berries.   :)

We did a little shopping in the market.  I bought a watermelon, limes and some Gala apples.  They have a bakery now.  Mr. W chose a chocolate chip cookie while Ms. A had a cake pop.  She said it was yummy!

I kept a few strawberries for myself and sent the rest home with them.  I rinsed the berries in vinegar and water.  They came out so clean.

We were supposed to swim afterwards but the water was to cold.  Mr. W wasn't too happy with my decision to not swim even though he put his toes in the water and it was cold.  :)  He kept telling me my mama said I could swim.  So cute.  We let him watch Power Rangers on Netflix and all was right with the world.


We had so much fun picking strawberries.  I look forward to going again and again!

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

Take care,



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