May 25, 2017

A Refreshed Look

First of all I want to apologize for getting this post up so late.  I took these photos a week ago last Tuesday around 8:30 a.m. in the morning.  I was going out of town with the hubs (for work) so my intention was to take these pics and write the post in the evening.  Obviously that never happened.  In fact, I never once opened my laptop.  Definitely a first for me.  So I thought about you...just never stopped long enough to connect.  :)

So here are the pics of our "refreshed" landscaping in the front yard.  The large boulders were already in the landscaping.  Our landscaper lifted them up so they would show up more.  (We need to power wash the mold and the dirt line off of them.  My list never ends!)

Every thing looks so nice now.

We love the way the pot with the flowing flowers turned out.  We had an extra pot in the backyard and the hubs asked our landscaper to use it in the front beds and this is what he came up with. 


We had the pathways reworked as the mulch was overflowing into the pathway and there wasn't a clear definition of where one ended and the other began.  It looks so nice and clean.  Fourteen years ago we removed our 90 degree sidewalk to the front door and had a meandering path put in.  I think it really softens the look of our home and helps our home stand out from the others in our neighborhood.  Not so cookie cutter if you know what I mean.

We bought new pathway lights from Lowe's.  These are LED and are so much brighter than the old ones.

Over the years the bed had gotten way bigger than it originally was so we had them add in grass to give it back its original shape.

We added river rock to give it more definition.  It also helps keep the mulch in place.

The side path to the gate had a couple of stones that had sunk down and looked pretty bad.  They reworked it so it looks fresh like the front pathway.

 We tried for years to grow grass on the left side, but the neighbor's tree provided too much shade for it to grow.  It was all slimy and gross so we had them remove what little grass was there and add river rock.  Now it is nice and clean.

I am SO EXCITED!!!  We have someone coming today to power wash our driveway, sidewalk and the area around the pool.  I can't wait to see it all clean.  I, myself, love to power wash.  Believe it or not I have not had time to do it.  We have been busy, busy, busy.  I'll share more with you in future posts.

I want to make new pillows for the chairs on the porch.  I have everything I need...just need to make time to do it.  Fingers crossed I get it done next week.  :)

I hope you have a fabulous Thursday!!!



"Never work just for money or for power.  They won't save your soul or help you sleep at night."

-- Marian Wright Edelman

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