Jun 16, 2017

A Little Bit of Life Lately

I am so behind in my posting photos for the month of May and now the beginning of June.  We were so very busy with landscaping, a road trip with the hubs, keeping the grandkids and going to the Baylor Bears games.

There were 13 nights we had one or more (usually 3) staying over.  The grands were here while their parents packed up their home and sold it.  My brother and sister-in-law stayed with us the night before the NCAA World Regionals Tournament began.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the company of Lisa and Todd McLean.  We were so happy they came over.  We watched the Baylor Bears Girls Softball game.

Warning!  Lots of photos ahead...you may want to exit now.  :)

The grands and I spent a lot of fun playing in the pool.

I love this quote:

"Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat."
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

I overheard Sweet P asking Mr. W "is this the best day ever?"  So sweet.  I'm telling you the Mickey Mouse pops are magical.  They love eating them.

Mr. W has discovered the Root Beer ice cream bars from Schwan's.

It is so awesome to see Mr. W become more comfortable in the pool.  Last year you couldn't get him to lay on a float...this year he wants his own.   :)

Such a cutie...

all dressed in his LSU outfit to go to his sister's basketball game.  As I dressed him, he told me he wanted to dress like Kameron (Baylor).  :)

I wish I had photos of the basketball games.

Our attempt at taking selfies.

We celebrated Mother's Day the weekend after at Brooke and Brad's with a crawfish boil.  Brad did an awesome job boiling the crawfish.


The hubs shared his drawing talents with Mr. W.

We went to the library to get books to read.

Can you see Ms. A in the background reading?

Here she is again...she loves to read!

We bought Mr. W his first pair of goggles.  He was so excited!

We finally made it to one of his soccer games.  We totally fell off of the wagon poor baby.  No excuse...we had a lot going on with the landscaping crew.  They didn't leave until late in the evening every day.

He did a really good job guarding the goal.

Sweet P had her gym fest.

She was so excited and nervous.

The next few pics are of her warm up.

We went to the NCAA World Series Regionals to see the Baylor Bears play.  It was so hot and humid.    We had rain delays on both days which made for really long days.

Here is a pic of my nephew Hunter, son-in-law Brad and the hubs tailgating before the game on Friday.  Why do these guys look so fresh like its not even hot?

Ms. A stayed a couple of nights with us and we went to the games.  Here is one our many attempts  to take a selfie.  I really enjoyed our one on one time together.

Go Bears!!!  Unfortunately the Bears lost both games.  We were sad to see the season end.

Sweet P stayed with us a couple of nights last week.  I was in charge of getting her to and from gym camp.  I really enjoyed our one-on-one time together.  This was her last morning with us so she was loaded down with all of her stuff.

We had a lot of fun and it went so fast.  I'm hoping June slows down just a tad.  Before you know it summer will be over!

Have you been doing anything fun this summer?

Take care,



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