Jun 15, 2017

Dreams Do Come True

My nephew, Kameron Esthay, was recruited yesterday by the Washington Nationals!!!  We are  so excited and oh so proud.


As a young child, his dream was to be a professional baseball player.  No questions asked.  It was what he was going to do.  And now he has the platform to do it.

We have had a lot of fun cheering him on at Baylor and are looking forward to cheering him on with the Washington Nationals.


We will be buying Washington Nationals t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, etc. and hopefully attending as many of his games as possible.

The girls are very excited for him.  Mr. W may be a bit confused with the change of shirts.  Every time I dress him in LSU he tells me he wants to dress like Kameron.  :)  In Baylor attire.  Smart boy.  


I want to give a shout out to my brother and sister-in-law.  They have been the best supporters of my nephew.  Going to baseball games year round...driving him out of town for pitching coaching...boiling crawfish for the teams...making gumbo...hosting the best tailgating parties.  They started the tailgating at Baylor baseball games and the parents of next year plan to carry on the tradition.  Through it all we have met some wonderful parents of great kids we now call friends.  Some from as far away as California.  It has been so much fun to tag along.

We can't wait to celebrate with everyone this weekend.
Congratulations Kam!!! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend....



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