Jul 21, 2017

A Little Change Up

I spy something different.  Do you?  It's the pretty table against the wall.  The hubs has decided to hang a TV on this wall so we had to move a few things around.  We moved the table that was originally here next to the grill to hold the snow cone machine and provide much needed table top space while grilling.

The hubs knew we needed something to hold a DVR, computer, etc. while watching the TV.  We wanted something long but not very deep.   So off we went to Home Goods.  We wanted something that could withstand the elements of being outdoors.

We walked into Home Goods and I immediately fell in love with this table.  He thought I had lost my mind.  Seriously.  The tag was originally marked $1,000 marked down to $699 marked down to $499.  Let me just say I would NEVER have paid any of those prices for this table no matter how much I loved it.  So the hubs challenged me to see if I could get it marked down.  So off I went to find the manager.  He was very nice and told me that the table was going to be marked down significantly on Tuesday morning.  He offered to hold it for me and call me with the new price.  Can you hear the angels singing?  :)  He anticipated it would be around $360.  We looked around to see what else they had and didn't see anything as pretty as this one and they were all pretty pricey.

The manager called me on Monday, while I was at CHH, and left me a voicemail saying the new price was $299.  He said he could hold it for 24 hours.  The hubs and I picked it up that afternoon.  Let's just say that is one heavy, heavy piece.  It is made of solid iron with a metal top.  Very, very heavy.  I couldn't even pick up one corner off of the floor.

I rode in the back of the truck with the table because I was afraid it would fall over and damage the hubs truck.  I would have NEVER heard the end of that!!!  Once we were home I called this young guy over that cuts grass for several of our neighbors.  He is the most polite young man.  He helped the hubs bring it around to the backyard.  He couldn't believe how heavy it was.  :)

We moved the corn plant out of the corner and placed it near the backdoor.

I think it is so funny how clean these windows look.  Believe me when I tell you they are DIRTY!  I haven't gotten around to cleaning them.  I don't want you to get the wrong idea and think I have it all together!

I like the way this table looks by the grill.  I need to clean the wine bottles when I clean the windows.  :)  It's never ending!

We were going to make my candle holders out of the cedar pieces but the drill piece we have is too small.  We'll have to get a bigger one.  Sorry, I don't know what it is called.  It is supposed to hollow wooden objects in a round circle.  Does that help?

We moved the large metal piece to the front of the house.  I haven't decided where to put the round one just yet.  I'm thinking maybe on the side of the garage.

We are having a lot of fun putting the final touches on our outdoor spaces.

Happy Friday my friend!  Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

Take care,



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