Jul 12, 2017

Shade Charms

Last week while I was in Hobby Lobby I stumbled across Shade Charms.  I had never heard of them before and was quite intrigued.  I knew just the lamp I wanted to try and see if they really worked.


The lamp I chose has a glass base and a glass finial.  All that was missing a little more bling. 

It was so easy to add the charms.  The first thing I did was add a charm at every metal bar.  Next I went around and added a charm in the center.  I am so happy with the way the lamp looks.  The best part is I can remove them at any time and add them to another lamp shade.

So if you are in need of a little bling in your life, head on over to Hobby Lobby for some Shade Charms.  Be sure and use your 40% off coupon if they aren't on sale.

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