Jul 25, 2017

Weekend Recap

My weekend was mostly spent outdoors applying coats of Minwax Indoor/Outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane to our recently purchased outdoor furniture.  Try saying that 10 times really fast!  :)


This one can covered the bench, two chairs, a small table and various pieces of decor around the pool area.  It really goes a long way.

I started this project on Friday afternoon and finished it on Saturday evening.  It took me about 12 hours all in all.  I had the ceiling fan over head on and a smaller fan to provide circulation and a smidgen of relief from the heat.  I had my workout playlist playing loud to motivate me to keep going.  Whatever it takes, right?!

I started by applying two coats to the underneath of the furniture.  I was extremely thankful it didn't rain either day.

I am very happy with the results.  I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it came out perfect because it didn't.  There are a few drips here and there.  :)  I can assure you I will not be losing any sleep over them!!!  I am so happy to be done with this project!!!

On Saturday evening we drove out to see the kids.  It was exciting to see Tiffani and Justin's new house already formed and ready for concrete.

Brooke and Brad had brick pavers put in near their driveway and it looks so good!

Tiffani and the kiddos came over on Sunday afternoon to swim.  After they left, I laid out on the tanning deck to enjoy the evening breeze and catch up on reading my magazines.  I am so far behind!

Halfway through the first magazine I decided it was time to get my laps in.  The water was so nice.

I snapped this photo with my iPhone.  Isn't it beautiful?  What a masterpiece!  I can see why people are so inclined to paint God's amazing work.

I hope to have inspired you to do one of those pesky projects on your "to do" list.  :)

Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!!!

Take care,



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