Aug 3, 2017

Before and After Projects

Yes, I am at it again!  I can't help myself.  I want to paint EVERYTHING and make it new again.  Believe me, I have it real bad!

Here are a few before shots of the trash can we keep near the pool.  As you can see, it had seen better days.  It was in great shape but the only thing wrong with it was it needed to be revived.

I used the same paint I used to refresh our wicker chairs on our front porch.


Look how great it looks now.  OMG!!!  I can't get over the difference two cans of spray paint can make.

Of course, I didn't stop there.  On the other side of the house, where we keep our pool tools, was a chest in great need of a makeover.  More like in desperate need of some color, right?

Here is what it looks like now.  GORGEOUS!  And it only took MAYBE 15 minutes total.  That's right.  15 minutes my friend!

Isn't it a beauty?  It looks brand new and only took two cans of paint.  Way cheaper than the cost of a new chest at $100.

So look around your home and see if there is something that could use a little reviving rather than replacing.  I think you will be tickled pink with your makeover.  I know I am!

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!

Take care,



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