Sep 5, 2017

A Meterologist's Perspective on Hurricane Harvey

Matt Lanza, from Space City Weather, wrote a post today expressing his feelings about Houston and Hurricane Harvey.  You can find his post here


He is spot on when he speaks about the sound of rain....

"I honestly think I’m not going to be able to sleep now when it’s raining. There’s no rain gentle enough that will allow me to drift off to sleep in peace. Why? Because it will make me worried. Worried for myself and my family? Maybe a little. But worried for Houstonians. For people who have been through this once or twice or even three times. And I know so many in this city will never be able to experience the soothing, relaxing, gentle sound of rain again either. And it saddens me. Maybe that “fear” of rain will disappear with time for Houstonians and myself too."

I am sure you are aware of Hurricane Irma.  Irma is a Category 5 with winds of 180 mph.  Please keep everyone in Irma's projected path in your prayers.

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