Sep 21, 2017

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

The week after Hurricane Harvey landed in Texas the hubs had to make a road trip to Corpus Christi, TX to handle claims for work.  He is a commercial adjuster and you can imagine how many businesses incurred damage from Hurricane Harvey.


I went along to keep him company during the drive there and back.  I also assist by reading his emails and texts to him as he drives.  Helps him stay focused on the road.

Once we arrived in Corpus Christi I set up my "blogging space" in the lobby of the hotel.  As you can see it was really nice.

There was a full coffee and tea bar just feet away.

I was set up in a space similar to the one in the foreground.  It was so comfy.  I did a little people watching, too.  Later I told the hubs I could blog from anywhere in the world....hint hint.  He laughed.   Like he cares, right?  :)

The damage Harvey left behind was much different than the damage we had in the surrounding areas of Houston and the city of Houston.  While our damage was mostly flooding, theirs was downed trees and power lines, roofs missing and some buildings totally demolished.

They experienced a lot of power outages.  There were crews all over replacing poles and repairing downed lines.


This pic was taken one week after Hurricane Harvey passed through and all of the downed trees were dead.

The city of Refugio was hit pretty hard.

You can see some of the debris hanging from the power lines.

We saw HEB was serving hot meals in Refugio.  I wasn't able to snap a pic because I didn't see it until it was too late.


A funny story.  That evening the hubs was talking to one of his buddies Kurt and I was adding commentary in the background (not me!).  Kurt could hear someone talking in the background so he asked him "who's in your room?"  It was so funny.  The hubs usually goes alone so Kurt thought he had "someone" in his room.  We are still laughing about that.  :)

Sending you good vibes for a wonderful day.  You deserve it!



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