Oct 1, 2017

Day Six of the Black and White Photo Challenge

Good morning and happy Sunday!!!  Can you believe it is October 1st?  I sure can't.  I am still looking for half of August and all of September.  I think someone pressed the fast forward button it has gone so fast.


For today's black and white photo challenge I chose a shot I took last October in Myrtle Beach, SC.  I was taking an early morning walk on the beach while the hubs was busy working.  It was gorgeous!!!

Once again, I chose Mono for the look.

Here is the original pic I snapped.  You can see the sun gleaming on the water.

I hope I am inspiring you to get your camera out and start snapping pics.  I want to thank Janelle for teaching me to feel comfortable with the camera notice I didn't say my DSLR!   I prefer my Canon G16.  You can read about it here.  It is an awesome camera that gives you the opportunity to take pics in Auto or in Manual mode.  You know that F-stop and aperture stuff.  Oh my!  I've taken two photography classes and I still run for the hills when Janelle says "shoot in manual".  Every once in a while I do venture out.

I can't believe I have had my G16 for two years.  It takes amazing photos so I spend very little time editing for color.  Mostly on making my pics straight which I am getting so much better at.  You know the old saying "practice makes perfect".  :)

Hope you have an amazing day,



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