Dec 5, 2017

Holiday Style - Our Breakfast Room

Good morning and welcome to our Holiday Style tour.  Today we are in the breakfast room.

Grab yourself a cookie and a cup of milk or if you'd like, I'll make you a cup of coffee.  I wouldn't want you to go hungry while you meander through the room.

We eliminated our dining room many years ago so our breakfast table functions as our dining table.  We have a leaf to add to it to make it big enough for our family.  (Our dining room is now my office.)

As you can see, I keep the table quite simple without a table cloth.  I find it makes it much easier to dust or wipe clean.

The hubs and I were at Target last Tuesday evening picking up the last of the grandkids Christmas gifts when I came upon these darling little plates.  They are made of melamine and were less than $2 each.  They are the only new things in this room.

I wanted something different for the centerpiece so I searched the house over and discovered the plaid on the Snowman's scarf (kitchen counter) matched the napkins.  Voila!  A centerpiece was found!  :)

I placed a snowman ornament at each place setting.

Here's the table with the usual centerpiece. 

Oh...if this little guy could talk he would tell you how neglected he is.  Almost every.single.night I walk right by him to turn off the Christmas lights...turn off everything else in the kitchen...turn and look back...and this little guy is shining brightly.  I have been known to leave him on all night.

Yes, that is a wreath hanging on the fence over my flower box.

The Joyeux Noel apron is a nice reminder of Louisiana.

This little guy hangs on the breakfast room door.

The wreath is as old as the garland over the fireplace.  This year I stripped it down to only one ribbon throughout the wreath and I like it so much better though it did take me a while to get used to it.

I hope you enjoyed your tour.  Tomorrow we will be checking out the hubs' office...the game room.

I'm off to a much needed massage and probably a nap afterwards.  (Ha!  I say that every time yet I don't nap!  Maybe today will be different.)

Take care,



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