Dec 4, 2017

Holiday Style - Our Kitchen

Good morning and happy Monday!!!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend was very laid back.  I wrapped Christmas gifts (I believe I have four to go and I'm done!) and watched lots of Hallmark movies.  It was so awesome to slow down and relax.

Today we are taking a quick tour through the kitchen.  We have a snowman theme going on in here.  I've prepared you a few breakfast items just in case you are hungry.  The croissants are delish!

This sweet girl brings a smile to my face every time I see her.

Here is a backside view of the village on the bar.

Oh how I love frosty nights!  Our weather is supposed to be much cooler this week.  I can't wait!!!

These ski bums are from Big Lots so many years ago.

Are any of these your favorite holiday foods?

This beautiful wreath adorns our pantry door.

We have a galley kitchen so there is lots of countertop space to decorate.

There is no truer saying than this one....

We used to have three clear glass snowmen but are now down to two.

I love these plates from Potter Barn.  They are the cutest!

These guys hang out in here when it isn't filled with treats.

Yes, these are pretend snow balls.  We actually have snow ball fights inside the house.  :)  They drop glitter everywhere!!!

I hope you enjoyed your tour of our kitchen.  Tomorrow we'll make a stop in the breakfast room.  I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Take care,



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