Jul 9, 2014

Fourth of July Highlights

We had a great 4th of July!!!  I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did ours.  We were blessed to be surrounded by family and friends.  I was lucky to be off for six days.

I love decorating our yard with the American flag.  It is a great way to decorate your yard without spending a lot of money.  I bought these flags at Hobby Lobby, Big Lots and the Dollar Tree.

I used this cupcake kit to decorate the cupcakes along with some free printables I found on Pinterest.

I used red bandanas to decorate the table and the light above the pool table.

We had hamburgers, chili dogs, Frito pies, assorted chips, cupcakes, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, strawberries, blueberries, yogurt pretzels, ice cream cones,  and last but not least, brownies.  Oh and I can't forget the delicious strawberry cake that Mrs. A brought.

Ms. A and Ms. P were kind enough to pose before getting into the pool.  They are growing up way too fast!!!

Here are a few pics of the decorations around the pool…..

Wow….don't the curtains look great?

It was so hot two of the candles melted in one of the lanterns. 

Here are a few pics of Mr. W.  He has adapted really well to the pool.

One of the rare moments he was keeping still.  He kept us on our toes all day long.

He kept trying out the different places to sit.  I wish I had one of him laying back in the chaise lounge.  It was so cute.  

We had a really great day.  Lots of sunshine, good food and good company.  Unfortunately there weren't any fireworks because it started raining really hard.  We ended up doing sparklers with the girls and watching the movie Despicable Me.

I want to give a "shout out" to Mrs. B for helping out with the girls by giving them bubble baths.  It was greatly appreciated.


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