Sep 25, 2014

Wedding in McKinney, TX

The colors for the wedding were blue and gray.  Her Maids of Honor were her sisters.  They wore navy blue and the bridesmaids wore the same dress in gray.  This is a great dress to choose because each girl can wear the dress the way she wants and gets a different look.  The flow of the fabric gave off a very elegant look.
Sisters of Bride
Isn't she adorable?  

Sign in table.
One of the new trends in wedding cakes is the "naked cake".  There is no icing on the outside of the cake.  It was delicious!
The bride had "LSU" written on the back side of the cake for her dad.

The groom's cake was chocolate, incredibly detailed and quite delicious!

Head Table
The Father of the Bride gave the best speech I have ever heard.  Pretty much everyone in the room had tears in their eyes.

We all had a great time getting together and visiting with one another.  The guys have been best friends for 35 years now.   Two of them live in Lake Charles, two in Houston, and one outside of Austin or there about.  

The guys usually get together several times a year for LSU football games, golf outings or other events.  Over the years there were times the wives would go to the games, sometimes not, but we all know each other just not as well as the guys.  Well that has changed now!  We spent quite a bit of time together and really got to know one another really well.  Donna and I hit it off so well I think we could have talked endlessly.  We found out that we have a lot in common.  My hubby jokingly told his friends "we are in trouble now."  The guys are all going to an LSU game in November so Donna is going to come down and spend the weekend with me.  We plan on going shopping, sit out by the fire pit, or whatever she wants to do.  We are so excited.  We are hoping that Ashley can get together with us, too.

Have you been to any weddings lately and seen any new trends?

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  1. Lovely couple and wedding. I like the idea of the "naked cake," and it does look delicious.