Oct 6, 2014

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was really busy as I was decorating for Christmas.  That's right.  It's not a typo.  I did not intend to type Fall.  ;)

Before I go any further I want to give a shout-out to my hubby and Brooke for all of their help this weekend.  It was greatly appreciated.  I got carried away putting lights on the tree since the ones that came with it weren't working in the family room and ran out.  The first place they went to was Walmart and can you believe they did not have their Christmas decor out yet?  They were making fun of me because I was putting my decorations up before Walmart.  :)  They ended up going to Hobby Lobby and picked up five more boxes of lights.  On Sunday the hubs went grocery shopping and put gas in my car for me all while I was decorating.  He can be such a nice guy!  He is definitely a keeper!!!

The first thing I do when decorating a tree is fluff out all of the branches.  It makes your tree so much prettier if you start out with a fluffed up tree.
I cover the glass table with paper so I do not scratch it up when I lay out my ornaments.
 I spread everything out so it is easy to grab, magnolia swags, grape swags, gold "thingys" and the burgundy glittery stems.

You can see where I ran out of lights.
Brooke said the tree is so bright you can probably see it from space!
Now seriously?!!!
 The first items I put on the tree are the burgundy balls.  I place them inside of the tree so there is color when you look through the tree.  Next up are the angels.  There are three of them in various sizes.  I place the smallest one near the top, the middle size towards the middle of the tree, and the largest goes near the bottom.  I make sure I do not line them up from top to bottom. 
Next I add the magnolia swags, followed by the crystal grapes.  I start placing the large ornaments throughout the tree.
My ironing board was out because I had to iron the bow that goes on the top of the tree.  It ended up making a great space for me to lay out the glass icicles.  Note to self to do this
again next year!
Here are a few close ups without the icicles and some ornaments I got at the
Decorators Warehouse in Arlington, TX.
Brooke unpacked and place the village that goes on the bar and also the Chevy Chase "Christmas Vacation" village on the entry table.  (I'll take photos of those once they are populated with people and snow.)  She went online and ordered the new pieces to add to the village.  
The whole time we were decorating we were listening to AC/DC, classic rock, and others like Britney Spears "Work B____".  We were cracking up laughing thinking that her dad (he was watching football in the bedroom) was thinking we were having some major mood swings!!!

Yesterday I decorated the entertainment center, decorated some other areas, and fluffed up the wreath above the mantle.  I started working on the garland but quit yesterday evening.  It is a hot mess!  Apparently when I reworked it last year I did not secure the ribbon well enough and it is coming off.  :(  At least the lights are still working!!!

 Brooke brought over some Taco Cupcakes that she had made.  They were delicious.  I will share the recipe with you tomorrow!
 Hope you have a great day!  I have an hour massage scheduled for this afternoon and I can't wait!!!  I am so sore from climbing up and down the ladders....just sayin' -- I'm not complaining!!!

Have you started decorating for the Christmas holidays?  



  1. Debbie, thanks for your comment on my blog post re: the Putz house Christmas tree. It is one of my favorites. I am always excited to find someone who decorates as early as I do! We are officially starting Saturday when my sister arrives to help. She comes weekends every year in Oct and Nov, as often as she is able. Your tree is lovely! I am glad you were able to find more lights. I know the angst of needing some particular Christmas item for my decorating needs and finding the stores are not putting out their Christmas supplies yet! Your husband sounds a lot like mine. He is very patient and kind about how much I want to decorate. :) We decorate this early because of our Christams open house the first Sunday of December each year. I would love to know why you decorate early! :) ~~Rhonda

    1. Hello Rhonda! Thank you for stopping by. Every year I start decorating for Christmas the weekend closest to October 15th. I like to decorate early so I am free to have fun and thoroughly enjoy the holiday season. Another reason I decorate early is so I can enjoy the transformation of our home. We also enjoy entertaining our friends and family throughout the season. Hope you have a wonderful time decorating your home.

    2. Debbie, I am enjoying watching your trees go up. :) We have five up and 16 or 17 to go...depends on what we decide! I hope you enjoy your holidays! ~~Rhonda