Nov 4, 2014

Christmas Decor in Our Main Bath

 Welcome to our main bathroom.  If you were to visit our home in person, this is the bathroom you would use, unless of course, we were having a party and there were lots of people.  Then, you could use our master bathroom.  :-)

I really love the contrast of the wall paper and the red shower curtain.  That could be why
it stayed up all year since last Christmas.

I placed another poinsettia at the base of this candle holder.
This is a really easy room to decorate.  The Santa pictures are probably 29 years old or more.  They have held up really well.  Every year after Christmas, I repack them in their original boxes.  I believe I bought them from Christmas Around the World.
 I like the dimensional look I get by wrapping a poinsettia on the towel hanger. 
I think these bunnies are adorable.

Have you given any thought as to whether or not you are going to decorate for the holidays?  If you are, have you thought about when you are going to start?

Take care,



  1. LOVE your Christmas decorations but more so,LOVE your choice of colors!! I am a love of rich colors and I adore yours!!


    1. Thank you. Rich colors are my favorite! Thanks for stopping by....