Nov 7, 2014

There's Snowmen in Our Kitchen

The theme in our kitchen is snowmen with a few Santas here and there.

I love this Santa.  He's already got his icing bag ready to decorate cakes and cookies.
Here's a cute couple I have had for quite a while.
This little lady makes me smile.
I get lots of compliments on my little "roasters".

Here's a snowman's take on a jack-in-the-box.
This little lamp post provides soft lighting at night.
I love these dancing snowmen.  I believe they came from Big Lots.
These ice cubes light up.

The wreath on the pantry door is a souvenir from our trip to Tennessee a couple
of years ago.

I have had Snowden from when we first got married.  Target used to sell them every Christmas and Kevin would buy me one.  He can be such a sweetie!

The believe sign lights up.
My brother and sister-in-law gave this to me for Christmas years ago.

More light up snowmen with ice blocks that light up.

Hope you enjoyed your little tour of our holiday decor.

Take care,


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