Dec 2, 2014

A Saturday Full of Fun with Anna and Elsa

Ms J had a Pajama Party on Saturday to celebrate turning six years old so I brought
the girls to the party.  Her mom, Nelly, from Nelly and Her Nerd and Miss J too! did an
awesome job.  She made pajama pants for each of the girls out of a blue and white chevron fleece material.  They turned out really cute.  Everyone had a great time.
There were even a few surprise guests from Arendelle.
The child sized table and chairs were adorable!
Here they are ready for the party to begin.  Little did they know how much fun they
were about to have.
Check out the huge pancakes.  I knew immediately where they came from, Kelly's Country Kitchen.  They make the biggest pancakes!  Ms A chose strawberries, whip cream and sprinkles for her pancake.  Don't worry, she didn't eat it all!
Ms. P chose chocolate morsels as the topping for her pancake. 
Here's the birthday girl.  Isn't she adorable?
 Can you believe this is a cake made to look like a stack of pancakes?
It was so cute!
Anna and Elsa were beautiful.  Having just returned from a trip to
Disney World and seen the "real" Anna and Elsa, ;-), I was blown away at
how much they truly were in character.  I must admit, watching the girls
reactions, I was quite teary eyed.  It is so wonderful to have "make believe"
in our lives and to see it at work in children (and grandmaws, too).

Ms. P could not get enough hugs.  She was so cute.
Ms. A had a great time, too!

Getting autographs

Here is sweet P telling Elsa how long we had to wait in line at Disney World
to see her.  Elsa told her the next time we go and the line is long, just call
her and she will take us to the front of the line.  It was adorable.  After
that she kept asking me "maw maw, will you ask my mom and dad
to go back to Disney World so I can see Anna and Elsa again?"  Little does
she know, it would be cheaper to have Anna and Elsa visit her than to
make another trip back to Disney World!
Isn't Anna adorable?

Me and my favorite girls!

While we were having a wonderful time at the birthday party, paw paw was
buying the grandkids these signs for their front yard.  They were so surprised to
see them when they got home.  These photos do not do them justice.  They
are covered in glitter and are very pretty at nighttime.

We all had a great day!

I hope you find a little magic in your day today.
There are only 22 days 'til Christmas.
Breathe, prioritize your lists and
"let it go"!

Take care,



  1. OMG, what a totally fabulous party! Even I would be asking for autographs with these 2 lovely ladies!

    1. Vel, thank you for stopping by and congratulations on your new baby! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Oh, how much fun! I'll bet the girls remember this for always. Bet the grownups had fun, too.