Feb 9, 2015

inkWELL Press Planners for Women

I was so happy to see this package at my front door on Friday afternoon.  Woo Hoo!!!  It is my new 2015 inkWELL Planner.  I bet you are thinking, wow, she is really late getting organized!  :)  For 25 years I have used a Franklin Covey Classic Planner to keep me organized for my job and my personal life.  This year I wanted something different.  Something current and appealing to my creative side.

Nelly, from Nelly, Her Nerd and Miss J, had ordered her new planner from inkWELL Press and showed it to me.  I was immediately hooked!  All of the categories appealed to the planner in me, but better than that were the sections that challenged me and appealed to my creative side.  I placed my order and they were sold out of the layout I wanted.  :(  

So I placed my order, patiently waited and then this came.  It was so worth the wait.  This is what I saw when I opened up the box.  You can tell this package is put together by women for women.  The attention to detail is so awesome.  

They included a beautiful embossed "Be Brave" card that can be framed.

The planner itself is wrapped in brown kraft paper.

The yellow tape on the back of the package makes me smile.

 Here she is!!!!

According to the first page in my planner, My Adventure begins now.......

The first tab  is Plan Ahead.  I like having a yearly calendar up front for a quick glance....followed by the Goals page.  The categories are Personal, Social, Financial, Health & Fitness, House Projects, and Dream Big.

The next two pages are for important dates for the upcoming year.  This is a great place to put birthdays, anniversaries, trips, or other exciting things that will be taking place in the coming year.

Each monthly tab has a mission board for that month.  How sweet is this?!!!  It is a great reminder to help me stay focused on what I want to achieve this year be it personal, social, financial, house or me time!!!

The Notes & Ramblings section is a good place to list blog topics.

Each week covers two pages.  Each day has a meals, home, and fitness section for notes.

Sorry for the blurry photo!
Under the Fun Stuff Tab you have the following categories:

Let's Go Anywhere Now

The Gift List

Good Movies to Watch and Good Books to Read

The next tab has More Notes with lots of space to write anything that is on your mind.

There are two pockets for organizing and a loop tab closure pocket inside the back cover.

Once your planner ships from inkWELL Press they begin sending you videos of how to get the most use out of your planner.  The videos are quite helpful.  inkWELL Press is offering a 15% discount in February if you use the code Feb15.

I am so excited to begin "filling in" my planner today.  On their website they have other tools for you to access to assist in planning.

Travel Freebies
Basic Packing List
Road Trip Checklist
Beach Vacation Checklist
Camping Trip Checklist

School Freebies
Lunchbox Notes
Teacher Questionnaire
Lunch Idea Cheat Sheet
First Day of School Signs

Planning Freebies
Daily Journaling Sheet
Yearly Chores List
Priority Focus Sheet

Household Freebies
Kids Room Inspection Chart

Fitness Freebies
Tape Measure Download

Finance Freebies
Monthly Bill Tracker

Here is a video Nelly did when she received her planner.  

Well I've got to run.....I want to start "filling in" my planner now rather than later!!!

Hope you have a great day and an awesome week!

Take care,



  1. What a great planner! I'm going to have to bookmark this for next year!

  2. What a great planner! I'm going to have to bookmark this for next year!