Feb 5, 2015

Mardi Gras Ball "Hawg Wild"

We went to the Krewe de L'Amitie "Krewe of Friendship" Mardi Gras Ball last Friday night.  This year's theme was "Hawg Wild".  Most everyone was dressed like a Harley Davidson motorcycle rider.

This is my nephew Hunter and his girlfriend Miranda.  He was dressed as Joe Dirt.  NONE of us recognized him!  I loved the tattoo sleeves.  Aren't they cool?

Here's a photo of Kevin and I in our true biker fashion.

This is Jenny and her husband.

A cute photo of Brooke and Brad.

My brother Karl and his son Hunter.

Karl being silly and giving Hunter a kiss!

Debbie did a great job decorating the tables.  The glass blocks had lights in them and there were lights on the sides.

The cups were so cute and personalized with everyone's name on them.  She had someone do the cut outs for her with a Silhouette machine.

This was a very important spot!  I don't think there was hardly any alcohol left when the ball was over.

Cute pic of Hunter and Miranda.

Cute pic of Brooke and Brad. I'm sure she was saying "here we go with another pic!"

A couple of pics of the crowd before the lights went dim.

Karl and Kevin

I believe Debbie took this photo of us near the end of the party.

I caught Brad on the dance floor taking photos.

My sister-in-law was crowned "Queen of Hawg Wild".

We all had a great time!!!  Most of us were feeling slightly under the weather on Saturday morning.

The corner pic is of the "queen" after she waded in water checking the ponds for crawfish.
Thanks to Debbie and Karl we were able to recuperate with some great tasting crawfish.

Karl puts ice on the crawfish (after they are done boiling) to help the seasoning set.  It worked because they were DELICIOUS!!!!

He also cools down the outside of the pot with water.

There were some really large crawfish for it to be early in the season.
Hunter and Miranda enjoying the crawfish.

Check out this table.  Do you know what kind of table it is?  It is a crawfish eating table!!!  It make the clean up so much easier and you aren't having to deal with newspapers.  The boys gave this to their parents for Christmas.

Thanks again Karl and Debbie for a great time!!!  Love ya lots!!!

Hope you have a great day!

Take care,


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  1. Great job on this post. I relived it all through your eyes! So glad yall came! Had a blast!!