Mar 18, 2015

Over the Moon!!!

The hubs and I are going to see Blake Shelton!!!  I've just been given two tickets (a few minutes ago) to see Blake Shelton in concert at the Houston Livestock Rodeo tomorrow night.  These aren't just any tickets.  These are suite tickets.  This means free food and drinks.  Woo Hoo!!!  OMG!!!  We love Blake Shelton.

This is one of my many favorite songs of his....

Hope you have a very blessed day.

Take care,



  1. How exciting for you!!! Blake seems like such a great guy... I've watched him on the voice and he is who he is... I love that! Thanks for stopping by today and checking out My bears on the beach pudding cups!
    Karin :)

    1. Hi Karin! Thanks for stopping by. I love watching the Voice, too! The talent on there is incredible. I hope you have a great day!