Jun 24, 2015

Jourdan and Dustin's Wedding / Golden Nugget

I absolutely fell in love with the backdrop for Jourdan and Dustin's wedding.  It appeared to be doors or pieces of a fence attached to each other.  I thought the attention to detail was perfect.  Not too much......but just right.

This table was placed in the foyer of the church.  There was a globe in the background for guests to sign instead of the usual book.

Jourdan's 95 year-old great grandmother was the flower girl.  In the program she was described as "a little blue-eyed ball of energy and the sassiest flower girl ever!"  How cute is that?  She was dropping flower petals all the way down the aisle.  So sweet and oh so special.

I was really off this day in taking photos.  There were several that were really blurry.  My biggest disappointment was the photo of the cake was terrible!  Sorry!  I know everyone likes seeing the cake.

This is the best one I have of Boomer walking Jourdan down the aisle.

Her dress was beautiful!

The groom and the groomsmen all wore sandals and the girls wore pink converse.


This seating area was placed right outside the entrance into the reception hall.  It was so sweet and quaint.  Donna (MOB) painted everything.  She has been one busy lady!  I love the antique suitcases.

Jourdan's bridal portrait is so pretty.

The hors d'oeuvres were across the way from the seating area, just outside of the reception hall.  Again, Donna's attention to detail was incredible.  These photos do not begin to do it justice.

I love the way she used a drawer to hold the snack mix.

Here's a photo of the table decorations.  The jars of honey were little gifts for everyone to take home.

I am so sad I don't have a photo of the bride's cake.  It was the new style with no icing on the outside of the cake.  The cake was displayed on top of a chest with lots of fresh flowers dispersed throughout the cake.  It was so perfect!

Much to Boomer's dismay, Dustin is a graduate of Alabama.  Alabama and LSU are huge rivals.  Boomer and his best friends are die hard LSU fans.  It was really funny.  To try and even up the score, Jourdan had the DJ play the LSU fight song as she and her dad walked out onto the dance floor for their father/daughter dance.  The gesture did not go unnoticed.

There were so many good things to eat....crawfish bisque, crawfish pies, boudin, brisket, an assortment of wings, twice baked potatoes, pasta salad, etc.  I can't begin to remember it all.

This piece was placed in the far corner of the reception hall.

I love this idea for a photo booth.  Not only is it less costly but with everyone having cell phones it's perfect.  I love the way the frame hangs and you don't have to hold it while posing for your photo.

After the reception we stayed and helped them pack up everything to take home.  A couple of people suggested we all get together afterwards at the Golden Nugget.  :)  Only two couples showed up, but that was fine, we had a great time without them!

As often as we go to Lake Charles we RARELY go to the casinos.  We are not big gamblers.  We'd rather put the money into our home.

I have been wanting to go to L'auberge, like forever, and we ended up at the Golden Nugget.  How funny is that?  I told the hubs the next time we will take the time to go see both of them in the daylight so we can see the grounds and the golf course.

This amazing light fixture is in the main entrance.  It is beautiful.

It reminds me of the lighting at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The light fixtures were stunning!

I saw this as we passed by a bar.  I believe it was a martini bar.

We found a table at the Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar.  Trust me, there were no tequila shots!

We had chicken fajita nachos and queso.  It was delicious!

Walking through the corridors of the hotel....I felt like I was in Vegas.  I couldn't help but snap a photo of The Chocolate Box.

Hope you are having a great week!

Take care,


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