Jun 8, 2015

What's On the Menu for This Week

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One of my goals for June is to prepare a menu on Sunday of the meals we are having for that week.  Let me just say that this took all of five minutes.  Seriously, it was that easy!
Here is our menu for this week:

Monday - Grilled chicken, green beans, grilled sweet potatoes and garden salad
Tuesday - Grilled turkey patties and sweet potato fries
Wednesday - Tuna fish sandwiches and chips
Thursday - Grilled chicken, grilled sweet potatoes and garden salad
Friday - Grilled pork chops, rice, black-eyed peas and garden salad

This time of the year almost everything we eat is grilled.  It is so much easier and has less clean up afterwards.  That's always a winner for me!  We also eat a lot of grilled sweet potatoes.  Yumm!  I like mine plain and the hub adds cinnamon to his.

The best part is I don't have to go to the store because I have everything on the menu.  Whoot whoot!!!

Do you plan a menu or are you a fly by the seat of the pants kind of person?  I've been that way almost all my life.  Which is really crazy since I am a planner by nature.  My guess is that I've always been way more into home decor and crafts than cooking.  Always.

What's on the menu for you this week?

Hope you have a great day!

Take care,


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