Jul 23, 2015

Choosing a Paint Color for My Office

I shared with you here the ideas I have put together to change the look of my office.  It currently looks like this, or something similar.  I've since removed most all of the clutter and have put away my sewing machine since I have not been sewing.

My goal is to remove the French doors (I am waiting for the Hubs to get on board/sometimes it takes him a while) and have this wall filled in with sheet rock.  I want to make this a gallery wall with all of my favorite photos from our trips to Disney World.  I will use the black frames I currently have Disney prints in to display them.

I am seriously considering going with Lazy Gray by Sherwin Williams.  I will pick up a Color to Go Sample today to see how I like the color.

Color To Go® Paint Sample

For now, I am going to paint these doors and the trim around the doors the same color as the walls.  I want to get a "feel" for how it will look once the doors are gone.  This room has eleven doors including the doors on the built ins.  That is way too many doors for a room this size.

I am so excited to see the transition in this room take place.  I will keep you posted on the other changes/enhancements I want to make to this room.

Hope you are having a great week!

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