Oct 12, 2015

Our Day Trip to Crystal Beach

We all went to Crystal Beach the day after Brooke and Brad's Harry Potter party.  Crystal Beach is a popular resort community that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico located in the resort town of Bolivar, encompassing approximately 27 miles of golden sand.  To get there we drove to Galveston then took the ferry over to the Bolivar Peninsula.

Crystal Beach, Port Bolivar, TX

WARNING!!!!  Photo overload.....now is your chance to opt out of seeing lots of photos....

Looks like Justin has a tight grip on Mr. W so he doesn't wiggle his way over the side of the ferry.

I love this sweet girl so much.....just saying.

The ferry ride is a HUGE highlight of the trip.  We were entertained by seagulls and dolphins.  Yes, that's right.  Dolphins.  I took so many photos trying to get a shot of one on the way over....didn't happen.  However, I did get one on the way back.  I'll share that photo with you tomorrow on the second part of this post.

This shot reminded us of Finding Nemo.  You know when Nigel is looking for Nemo amongst all of the other pelicans?

Here's a pic of what the beach looked like when we arrived.  There were no cars to be found.

Two vehicles came a little later during the day.  They were so far down we still had plenty of privacy.

There were eally big mosquito hawks.  Like really big.  I guess they are living up to the saying that "everything is big in Texas".  If you look closely, this one is eating a bug.  I had never seen a mosquito hawk this big.

The kids love to look for sand crabs.  They get so excited every time they catch one.  Lots of squeals.....

They both found one.....

Here's a closeup of the other side once the crab has retracted into its shell.

I looked up the history of Crystal Beach and Bolivar for you:

The Bolivar Peninsula was founded in 1820 by Simon Bolivar, a statesman, patriot and liberator. Bolivar was from Spain and had dedicated his life to ensuring independence from the Spanish colonies. He fought against the Spanish in Venezuela before fleeing the country and organizing several revolutionary war efforts in the fight for independence. He also served as the first President of Bolivia, which did end up getting independence from Spain in 1824. The area of Bolivar in Texas is named after this revolutionary war hero and the Republic of Venezuela donated a plaque commemorating his heroism in 1968.
 The plaque reads, “This town has been named in honor of Simon Bolivar, Liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and founder of Bolivia” and is located at the Port Bolivar Recreation Center. Today, Bolivar is a thriving resort community and attracts thousands of visitors who want to relax on the golden sands of Crystal Beach and the surrounding areas. It’s home to several beachfront vacation homes and a handful of bed and breakfasts.

  • Boating on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway – this waterway runs along the Gulf Coast of the United States and the stretch of water is popular for boating and fishing activities. The man-made canal runs all the way down the coastline of Texas.

  • Bird watching – the area around Crystal Beach is a popular venue for bird watching and nature walks. Head out for a day to enjoy the scenic views and see native birds flocking to the area.

  • Port Bolivar Lighthouse – you can get here by taking a ferry from Galveston across the bay. IT’s located on the northern side of Highway 87, about a mile from the ferry landing.

  • Sunbathing – Crystal Beach is the most popular beach in Bolivar and hosts a number of parties, special events and other activities throughout the year. It’s also a picture-perfect destination for sunbathing.

  • Camping at Fort Travis – this is located not too far from Crystal Beach at the end of the Bolivar Peninsula. It’s very close to the ferry landing and features several amenities including a bar-b-que grill, picnic tables and playgrounds. You can rent a cabana or reserve a campsite here for a modest fee.

  • Galveston Bolivar Ferry – this free boat ride is a great way to enjoy the coastal views of the peninsula. The ferry is operated by the Texas Department of Transportation and accepts vehicles and walk-on passengers. The entire trip takes about 15 to 20 minutes and spans just about 2.7 miles.

  • Golfing – The Rancho Carribe Golf Course is a 9-hole regulation golf course located about an hour southeast of Houston. If you do want to take a break from beach activities and enjoy a round of golf, head here to enjoy the scenic views and breathtaking views of the Gulf.

  • Jump & Splash Water Slide – if you’re traveling to the area with kids, cool off at an area water park. You’ll find a handful of parks in the area with water slides, lazy rivers and splash pools. These can be a fun break away from the crowds at the beach on a busy day.

  • RV Park Camping – if you’re planning an extended stay to the area, consider RV’ing for a portion of your trip. The Bolivar Peninsula RV Park offers plenty of space for even the largest RVs and is located near swimming facilities, a golf courses and fishing areas. It’s also a very short drive from Crystal Beach.

  • Surfing – if you enjoy surfing and swimming, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the tides at Crystal Beach and some of the other beaches in Bolivar.

My little Sweet P!!!

I have lots more photos to share with you tomorrow.

I will also be sharing with you why the blog has been so quiet lately.  We have been incredibly busy working on various projects.  And one of them happens to be another remodel!!!  I can't wait to share the photos with you.

Take care and God Bless,



P.S.  Go Astros!!!!

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