Oct 19, 2015

The Tale of Too Many Doors

Upon entering our home you are immediately surrounded by doors, doors, and more doors.  Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating just a tad bit.

Immediately to your right are the French doors that lead into my office.  To your left are the French doors that lead into the hubs' office / game room.  And there is the doorway to walk into the family room.  Oh and don't forget the door you just walked through to enter our home.  That's five doors and a doorway.  Way too many doors for me!

Let me back up to the very beginning of when we first bought our home so I can explain why we have so many doors.  My office was originally the formal dining room with an open doorway.

The hub's office was a formal living room and the game room was a fourth bedroom.  Just like the dining room there was only a doorway.

In one of our original remodels (I forget which one) we decided to put in the French doors.  This allowed us to have privacy and still have an open concept if we wanted.

Decorating around this many doors is not fun even for someone like me who has a passion for decorating.  I was ALWAYS thinking of new ways to reinvent the foyer.  (I shared this thought with the hubs and do you know what he told me.  He said I stress about the wrong things.  Ha!  I asked him if he ever for one second thought about how hard it was to decorate the foyer and he said no.  I told him I wasn't stressed over it.  I was over and done with it.  I wanted to change it up.  It was past time.  And guess what?  He didn't want to.  No surprise there.  I think he has a knee jerk reaction of saying "no" whenever I suggest something.  I've learned that I have to give him a minute more like a couple of weeks to think about it before he gets on board with the new idea.

In this case, the kids kept asking him when we were going to do it so he gave up and gave his consent to get the job done.  After all, it was Brooke's idea to remove the doors and sheetrock the opening to my office and widen the doorway to the family room and she was pressuring him to see it done.

The ceiling was white with no extra trim.  Just the crown moulding.

In this photo you can see how narrow the doorway is going into the family room.

Here's the view looking back into the foyer.  That wall is the one we had removed.

My office had these two doors, a door entering from the kitchen, French doors on the closet and six doors on my built ins.  The doors were closing in on me.

Now that I've given you the lay of the land (of the foyer) I am so excited to show you the changes that have been made.   I'll have the "after" photos for you tomorrow.

Here's what the game room looked like while the remodeling was going on.  I was doing my posts on my computer at the end of the pool table.

I am sad to say I picked up the puzzle before we finished it.  I knew it would be in the way when we pull out the Christmas decorations.  We can always start it up again after I decorate for the holidays.

Hope you are having a great day!

Take care,



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