Nov 17, 2015

Oh What Fun!!!

Hello there!  I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since my last post.  I have been one busy gal.  Lots of hard work with a little fun mixed in.  Mostly hard work.  Today is the first day my feet do not hurt.  I have been on them for three weeks straight...only sitting down at night before going to bed.  I told the hubs they felt like I had been to Disney World.  I have to admit it has all been worth it.  The house looks amazing!!!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of hosting a sweet couple, Donna and Boomer.  The hubs and Boomer have been good friends for years, while Donna and I really got to know each other last fall at Alex's wedding.  The majority of the time the guys get together at football games or their annual golf outing so the wives are not usually around.  But, that my friend has changed!!!  Donna and I hit it off so well and have so much in common.   I'd say a match made in heaven.

They came in on Friday evening  after a long drive in (4 1/2 hours).  I had made home made spaghetti, garlic breadsticks, and salad.  For dessert we had cheesecake dip and fresh strawberries.  It was so nice to sit and visit with them.  (I did not take one single photo all weekend.  I was in a relaxing state of mind!)

Saturday morning we went to the Nutcracker Market at NRG.  This is a HUGE event here in Houston.  I believe this was the 35th year the event was held.  It is so much fun.  There are over 300 booths of just about anything you can imagine.  It is a great place to buy Christmas decorations, gifts, food, clothes, etc.  Here are the future dates for the Nutcracker Market should you decide you want to go.  


NOV 10-13, 2016

NOV 9-12, 2017

NOV 8-11, 2018

NOV 14-17, 2019

NOV 12-15, 2020

We picked up a few gifts along with a few things for ourselves.
The hubs bought this light up "Geaux Tigers" for his office.

 I bought these cute little elves to go along with this tree.

The hubs bought this Believe sign.  The kids could not believe that I did not coax him into buying it.  I said it was all him.  It looks great under the bar.

We also bought several Christmas gifts that I don't want to share photos of (for obvious reasons).  I did buy Sweet P the cutest outfit for Christmas.  She will look so sweet in it.

We left the market around 2:30 p.m. and went to Mary May's in Pearland.  She has the best selection of yard signs for all seasons.  Over the years we have bought several for ourselves.  Last year the hubs surprised the grandkids with a set of Frozen signs.  You can see that post here.  Boomer had expressed an interest in purchasing Christmas signs and I told him I had just the place for him.  Let's just say it was exactly what he was looking for.

Needless to say, by this time, we were starving.  We had snacked at the market but nothing really filling.  I was so happy that all we had to do was go home and heat up the gumbo we had prepared for dinner.  I had already made potato salad so all I needed to do was make brownies.  But we scratched that as Donna bought a couple of pies at the market that were delicious.  

Kurt came over to watch the LSU game (they lost) with the hubs and Boomer while Donna and I watched movies in my room.  We watched Southpaw and a Charming Christmas.  We were so content and very relaxed after walking most of the day.  Our bed has two remotes so you can lift and lower the bed as you like.  I am always readjusting my side drives the hubs crazy!  At one point, I grabbed what I thought was my remote and pressed the button.  It was so funny.  Donna, very chilled and relaxed, said you are raising my side.  It was so funny.  I guess you had to be there!

Sunday morning we cooked breakfast for them before seeing them off.  We had a wonderful time and look forward to our next visit with them.

That evening we had our kiddos over to eat the leftover gumbo.  This was the first time the grandkids saw the Christmas decorations.  Mr. W flipped out when the roving Santa starting going in circles talking and laughing.  He immediately wanted to be picked up and declared he was scared.  We had to turn it off and he would not let anyone turn him back on.  I brought him down the hall to the middle bedroom to see Mr. Grinch.  He flipped out again and told me to turn around.  He wanted nothing to do with him.  We laughed and laughed.  He is so funny.  It's a good thing we went to Disney World last November when he wasn't afraid of anything.  Our trip may have been different had we gone this year.

I am so excited to share our Christmas decor with you.  We are having a cold front come through right now with the wind gusting to 50 mph.  The lighting is not very good for taking photos but  I hope to get some really good ones for you in a day or two.

Are you getting ready for the holidays?  Have you started decorating yet?  I am going to have some lunch and wrap Christmas gifts.  I wrap the grandkids gifts in different paper so it is much easier to hand out gifts on Christmas Eve.  I have Star Wars for Ms. A and super heroes for Mr. W.  I haven't decided just yet what I am going to wrap Sweet P's in.  I am sure it will be something pink or purple.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!  I just stepped outside and the temp has dropped over 20 degrees!  I am so excited.  I'll take 50 degree temps any day!!!

Take care,



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