Jan 6, 2016

It's Snowing and Records Are Being Broken

Hello and happy Wednesday to you!  As you can see it is snowing here in our home.  :)  I'm sorry, I could not resist the headline.  But it's true, records are being broken.  This is my third day of packing up Christmas and I will finish today.  That my friends is unheard of around here.  All I have left to pack are the three villages which explains why there is so much snow around here.

Once I get these sweet buildings packed up and put away it will be time to clean this house.  It is the dirtiest you will ever see our home.

I am so excited!!!  I have NEVER packed up this fast before because I was always employed at this time of the year.  #stilllooking.

Yesterday I took a few pics of some of my favorite Disney ornaments.  Believe it or not, it takes me the longest to pack up that tree.  Everything is packed in its original boxes so it takes quite a bit longer.

This ornament reminds me of the old days of watching the "Wonderful World of Disney" every week.

I love these ornaments even though they are quite weighty.

I bought these at Disney World some time ago.  I wish I had picked up another set.

I made these ornaments and shared it with you here.

I got this one when the hubs and I celebrated our 25th anniversary at Disney World.  I am going to be doing posts on our DW trips.  I figured if I put it out there in the universe I will get a job, right? :)

It reminds me of the sweet carriage ride we took took at Fort Wilderness.

Aren't these adorable?

How are you doing with getting your decorations all packed up?  Have you finished?  I hope you are way ahead of the game!

Have a wonderful day and a blessed week,



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