Mar 2, 2016

A Tisket A Tasket, a Green and Yellow Basket

Happy Wednesday!!!  I hope you are recovered from voting yesterday.  I voted early in the day and was in and out in less than 10 minutes.  Easy breezy.  Check that off of my list!!!

I am in the process of decorating our home for Easter.  So in between voting, grocery shopping, and cooking, the house was a hot mess with decorations all around.

The hubs says Easter is second to Christmas in the amount of decorations I have collected over the years.

Aren't these bunnies so cute?  Every year I think I am going to repaint them and I just can't bring myself to do it.  I love the whimsical look of these crazy bunnies.

I love having this pool table to use as my work station.  I can unpack everything, see what I have and figure out where I want it to go.

Some of these decorations are from Brooke's nursery.  The theme was Bunnies and Bows.  I collected all kinds of cute bunnies to decorate her room.  And of course, I couldn't part with them.  :)  Especially since I love bunnies!

These are my stuffed bunnies and a bunny pillow.

Here are some of my Easter/Spring kitchen towels and hand towels.  I will wash them and iron those that are to be displayed.

This sweet guy hung out at our house while his family went to the rodeo.  Shhh!  He doesn't know.  He would have been exhausted from the walk, probably gotten bored after a little while, and would have been a handful waiting for the bus to take them to their car.  So rather than expose him (and them) to all that...and making sure there was a potty near by at all times he stayed with us.

He is doing so good with his potty training.  I didn't have to set the timer on my phone to remind him.  He would tell me when he had to go.  How is that for one week into potty training?

I managed to get some of my mess cleaned up before he came over.  I gave him these two baskets of eggs to play with...he thought that was pretty cool.

He had all the toys in the toy box spread out all over the place.  Isn't it funny how they do that?  I guess it's like my decorating....I have to see what my options are.  :)

I snapped this photo of him with my cell phone right before we got in bed to watch a little TV before going to bed.  Yes, I still have the Grinch comforter set on the bed.  :)  I am supposed to take it off this week.  I'm not ready to put it up.  :(

When we were laying in bed I said to him "you are Maw Maw's sweet boy".  He replied "you're my sweet Maw Maw".  How sweet is that?

Do you like to decorate your home for Spring / Easter?  I'd love to hear from you if there is anything in particular you do to change things up?

Take care and have a wonderful day....




  1. Love those crazy black & white bunnies!

    1. Thank you. They are a little crazy aren't they? Thank you for stopping by...have a wonderful weekend!!!