Jun 4, 2016

How Charming

I knew Brooke and Brad had ordered me a charm for Mother's Day but I wasn't sure which one she had chosen.

I chuckled when I opened the box and found this sweet archery target charm.  :)  It's a perfect reminder of our fun time at Kamp Kickapoo.  Not to mention that I actually hit the bullseye in Archery.  #lovekampkickapoo  I did a post on it here.

Thank you Brooke and Brad.  I love it.

So now I have to go to James Avery to have my charm put on my bracelet.  Bath and Body Works is near James Avery.  We are out of hand soap.  The hubs wants to know when I am going to James Avery.  :)  We are so spoiled to their hand soap.  So for now we are using regular hand soap.  #lovebathandbodyworks

Are you hooked on Bath and Body Works hand soap, too?

Take care,



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