Jun 2, 2016

Memorial Weekend

We kept the kiddos on Friday night so their mom and dad could go to the movies with Brooke and Brad.  I believe they went to see Captain America at the new Studio Movie Grill in Pearland.

I had plans for them to swim but a cold front came through with lots of rain.  Yes, you read that right.  A cold front.  :)  The temperature dropped to 69 degrees.  Gotta love this Texas weather.  Can you believe we still have not had a 90 degree day in the month of May for Houston?  Our average temperature for May was 74.5 degrees.  Just saying....not complaining.  Oh and one more thing.  We had 24.84 inches of rain in March, April and May at Bush Intercontinental Airport.  Yes, it rained yesterday, June 1st, and is supposed to rain through the weekend.

So we played ping pong.  Ha ha!  It was so much fun.  We were laughing so hard we could hardly play.  And we were so loud!  I was helping Mr. W play and he thought it was the funniest thing.  Especially when I accidentally bonked him in the head.  After awhile he got tired of playing and hung out under the table playing his iPad.

The next morning this sweet child woke me up at 6:45 a.m.  It wouldn't have been so bad if Ms. A and I had not stayed up so late.  So what does one do at this time of the morning....go and get Shipley's donuts!  Here's a sweet pic of him after he filled his belly with donuts.

We decided to check out the water and see if we could swim.  It was pretty chilly at first but you got used to it tolerated is more like it!

The girls like to play bumper cars with the floats.  Sweet P is about to push off from the side of the pool to try and run into her sister.  :)

Poor baby, he was cold but he didn't want to get out of the water.

He watched his sisters for a bit and decided to give it a try.

After awhile he went and sat on the chaise lounge.  I tried to cover him with a towel but he wouldn't let me.

He was so happy to have a Mickey Mouse popsicle. 

 I ordered another set so we will have two of them ready at all times.

We had to replace the refrigerator near the pool so we went with the Insignia.  I love that it has a freezer.  This will eliminate us from having to trek through the house to get their ice cream or Mickey Mouse pops.

It was on sale at Best Buy for $159.99.  The regular price is $259.99.  Right now they have it listed at $239.99.  All in all, we ended up paying $30 more than we originally planned so we could have a small fridge with a freezer.

And yes, those are Mickey Mouse frozen ice cubes.  You use them in place of regular ice to keep your drink cold.

Now I have to fill this fridge up with the beer from the one in the kitchen.

Sweet P had already gone in and changed back to her pjs but she wasn't about to miss having a Mickey Mouse pop.  I make them with Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red.  I've tried others but they don't like them.  :)  #lovehawaiianpunchfruitjuicyred   No substitutes!

After they left, we went to Academy and bought new ping pong rackets because ours were falling apart.  (They are at least 15 years old.)  We played ping pong for hours.  I am officially addicted.

We didn't have our usual gathering because Brooke and Brad were off celebrating their three year anniversary.  Can you believe I didn't decorate?  I know I can't.

On Monday we cleaned the grill (it was so disgusting).  The hubs worked in the yard (not me I still have poison ivy) and grilled turkey mignons from Schwan's.  They were delicious!!!  Thank you Patty for telling me about them.  I've already ordered two more bags for next weeks delivery.  We had green beans with ours.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Take care,



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